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Nikita Sokolov: From Professional Cyclist to Succesful Coach and Club Owner

Nikita Sokolov is a well-known cyclist from Kazakhstan who has numerous awards and achievements in the world of professional cycling under his belt. He has participated in Asian and world championships, world cups, and Kazakhstan championships, and was also a champion of his country. In 2019, Nikita decided to start a new chapter in his career and moved to the United States.

Today, Nikita Sokolov is not only a professional athlete but also a successful coach who passes on his experience and knowledge to the next generation of cyclists. He works with young talents and helps them reach new heights in their careers. In his free time, Nikita also continues to train and participate in races, demonstrating a high level of skill and drive.

And now, in 2023, Nikita is preparing to realize his new ambitions – he plans to open his own cycling club in the United States. In this club, he will gather a team of like-minded individuals ready to participate in races and train under his guidance. Nikita hopes that his club will become not only a place for professional cyclists but also a center for everyone who loves cycling and wants to participate in competitions.

We are looking forward to Nikita Sokolov’s new achievements and wish him success in his new endeavors. He continues to be not only a bright personality in the world of cycling but also an example for those who strive for success and achieving their goals.